Thursday, March 20, 2008


Excerpt from Paulo Coelho's blog Warrior of The Light - Mysticism Sufi

Read on first..........


Nadia spent the whole autumn sowing and preparing his garden. In the spring, the flowers opened, and Nadia noticed a few dandelions that he had not planted.

Nadia pulled them up. But the seeds had already spread, and others grew. He tried to find a poison that would kill only dandelions. An expert told him that any poison would end up killing all the other flowers too. In despair, Nadia sought help from a gardener.

'It's just like marriage,' said the gardener. 'Along with the good things, there are always a few inconveniences.'

'What should I do, then?

'Nothing. They may not be the flowers you intended to have, but they are still part of the garden.'


Very good analogy.....for the vows we've spoken in front of God and His church " in sickness or health, in richer or poorer, in joy or sorrow"

May we always keep that in our heart and soul...
May we always live the vows day to day....till death do us part

Monday, March 17, 2008

you drink too much coffee huh?

For new acquaintance who spend a day with me can figure out that coffee is my staple :)
For those new acquaintance who has not know me/talk to me long enough, will not know for exact from which specific ethnic group i came from :p

Today, another week just started, i have a baby sit job the whole week for one of my project's User Acceptance Test. So, my colleagues and users from Mala
ysia are here and we chat bla bla bla...and since there were 5 malaysians in the room and 2 (thought) sporeans (actually none of us are singaporean!! hahaha, one is Myanmar, and me of course the indonesian). They were talking in 'malay' mixed with chinese, where both the myanmar and myself did not understand. Well definitely, i can understand Malay laaaaaahhh!!! So, one time i said that (honestly) i don't remember the trigger :"> :P

Malaysian: " can understand Malay?"
Indonesian: "Of course laaah....Malay and Bahasa are similar"

Malaysian: "Oh, really?? Are you Malay?"
Indonesian: "No, I'm Chinese"
Malaysian: (Awe facial expressions in shock) " Oh really????" (She came closer towards me)

Malaysian: " drink to much coffee huh ?"
Indonesian: (Laughing out loud) "that's a good one!!!"
Malaysian: "Or do you get much too much sun tan?"

(complexion caused by sun tan? or too much coffee? judge!! hehehe )

Indonesian: "hahahaha.....i had this complexion from my dad"
Malaysian: "Don't you want to have change it?"
Indonesian: "Well, i dont have anything to complain looohhh"
Malaysian: "hahaha okei, i'll speak Malay with you after lunch"

Well...that conversation makes my day...!!! what a good laugh

Saturday, March 15, 2008

i'm so glad this is weekend

Finally, it's weekend again, lately time flies so fast. My workdays occupied with two projects, one which requires me to travel to Kuala Lumpur in every other week for few days, another err..rather neglected i must say. I only spend about 15% of my time for it, well the 85% is consumed for the KL project. This situation is rather unexpected, since we (my boss) was hoping to be armed with mid level experience team and turned out we are supplied with those who still need guidance and to attend concept training. Voila....that makes me the all round- all-module team lead who works on the project schedules, explain basic sap concepts to the team so that they can explain (hopefully correctly) at least 70% of what they learned, monitor the master data, doing the user authorization maintenance as well aka i'm doing basis work too ladies and gentleman!! Anyway, that's what makes my days gone so fast.

And this is Saturday!!! I woke up late, prepare pancake for breakfast (will pos
t these food stuff in another entries, i've been cooking lately) then rushing to go to Toa Payoh Central. We have a gynae appointment today :">. This is my first time to go to gynae, a bit nervous thinking i've to expose my private to man who is not my hubby. And thinking all those stuff that gonna be use to do the checking....errr..ouch..iuuhh... I had pap smear and the doc checked my womb with that camera thing that was inserted in me...ouuuccchh......Thank God, doc said i am OK.

Then, we went to National Museum of Singapore to see Greek
Masterpieces of the Louvre, very cultural heh? heheheh....We met Eko and Feeldy there, they even bought us the ticket already, Thanks guys!!! About this, Kriwil will definitely post in his blog, while me, MALESS!!! hihih....One thing for sure, i definitely must travel and see the world!! Greece, Europe, Africa, America..........errghh, this has been my dream since i was little. Seeing those artifacts from thousand of years BC, tickle my passion for history and traveling back to full gear, its been a while since i think about it, i was busy attending day to day lives.

In front of the entrance of Singapore National History, i must say 'the companion' is really impressive. Kriw will explain what is this 'companion' in his blog yaaa...heheheheh. Males mode is on

Dah ah...ini ngalor ngidul doang.....

me with David covered with batik. Art by INDONESIAN artis "Titarubi"
Hebat kan Indonesia!!!
happy weekend!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

baking 101 - banana cake

Hasil pertama percobaan buat banana cake jumat lalu, resepnya nyari di internet. Resep silahkan cari sendiri yaaaa....:P

Menimbang /menakar bahan2nya juga kira2, pake cangkir kopi (bisa disamakan dengan cups tokh?) Beli loyang yang kecil aja, takut gak muat di Oven Toaster listrik punya owner.
Terus, gue gak punya walnut atau raisin, di toko kelontong di pasar depan hdb adanya wijen, ya udah pake wijen aja hihihih. Beli loyang, beli kocokan telor (gak pake mixer yaaaa)

Well, jadilah seperti di atas, agak gosong atasnya, kurang naik dan agak bantet :">, tapi rasanya sih lumayan. Si Kriwil bilang enak kok heheh....dia doyan malahan hihi.

Semalam bikin lagi banana cake, ngabisin stok pisang, juga buat camilan Kriwil pas gue ke KL hari ini sampai Rabu. Selain itu, gue penasaran juga sih heheh, pulang gereja belanja dulu asesoris buat kue. Beli margarine, baking soda, almond essence (mustinya sih vanila, tapi abis, almond pun tak apa lah ya), beli gula palm, beli spice powder. Gak beli almond, soalnya kayanya mentah tuh yah di fairprice. Males dong gorengnya dulu.

Nah, sampe rumah langsung deh nakar2 lagi, mashed si pisang, skarang pake 4!!! Dah tua dan benyek, jadi mustinya lebih wangi tokh....terus pake resep lain lagi hehehe, nakarnya juga lebih ati2. Manasin ovennya juga lebih lama, margarinnya lebih enak, telornya jadi duwaaaa, terus kan pake almond essence dan spiced powder hihi.

Hasilnyan,.....jadi moist buanget sperti di atas, lumayan...lumayan :D
Psst, itu kue dibalik loh, atasnya gosong karena terlalu dekat sama panas dari oven. Yah namanya juga oven toaster listrik :P

Next time will be better........

Friday, March 07, 2008

Tahu Daging Paprika

poto diambil pakai kamera hape, karna kameranya dibawa kriwil.

Hari ini gue kerja dari rumah, soalnya ntar jam 4 sore ada meeting di tempat client di Tuas. So, my boss dengan berbaik hati semalam (soalnya jam 8 masih miting bareng dia untuk briefing hari ini) bilang, 'do you have anything urgent tomorrow? if not, can work from home loh..and go to Tuas directly" Yipeeeeeeeeeehh, lumayaann, gue bisa bangun siangan, bisa bebenah2 dikit. Yg penting kan internet nyala terus so gue bisa bales email and masuk ke system kalau diperlukan.

Anyway, gue pikir pasti sampai rumah lewat jam 7 malam deh ntar. Si Kriwil, jelas males banget makan kalo gak ada yang tinggal dilahap. So, liat kulkas eh masih ada stok tahu. Masak deh, tadinya mau masak Mapo Tahu (pake bumbu yang tinggal stir aja tuuu). Tapi kok bosen ya.
So, gue experimen sendiri, jadilah Tahu Daging Paprika.

Begini Resepnya:

1 tahu cina
100 gr daging cincang
Paprika --> secukupnya
1 buah Bawang Bombay
2 siung bawang putih
Kecap Asin
Kecap Manis
Maizena/Sagu --> untuk mengentalkan
1 sdm Minyak goreng
1 sdm Minyak Wijen

Cara masak:
1. Potong tahu bentuk kotak2 kecil, sisihkan.
2. Campurkan 2 sdm kecap asin ke dalam tahu, dan aduk rata. Diamkan
3. Daging cincang, campurkan kecap asin secukupnya dan aduk rata
4. Potong paprika bentuk kotak kecil atau sesukanya
5. Panaskan minyak goreng dan minyak wijen dan tumis bawang putih sampai harum
6. Masukan daging cincang dan aduk sampai matang
7. Masukan bawang bombai
8 Masukan paprika
9. Masukan 2 sdm kecap manis, garam, gula, merica. Aduk rata
10. Masukan air secukupnya, asal berkuah saja, jangan sampai jadi sop ya
11. Masukan tahu yang sudah dipotong. Aduk rata, hati2 jangan sampai tahunya hancur
12. Masukan maizena/sagu yang telah dicairkan dengan sedikit air untuk mengentalkan.
13. Jadi deh..ready to serve.

Paling enak makan sama nasi panas.
Gue taruh di kotak plastik, supaya nanti malem si Kriwil bisa panasin di microwave. Kalo gak, alamat dia males...ini aja bisa2 dia gak panasin....