Thursday, May 12, 2011

and life goes on

It's nearing mid year 2011, and my last post was in 2009.  So what happened in 2010?

Well, Kriwil and Pumpkin continues to be my center of gravity, was busy with project at work which was quite a tough one. And i was expecting our no 2!! Most of 2010, i was more occupied on the work front , also we moved to our own house in October 2010.

Baby no 2       


We were happy to be expecting again with no 2, and the little one will be 25 months apart from Toby. Pregnancy no 2 was quite smooth, i did not encounter morning sickness or any other complications. Only, i was easily tired, i guess the age factor does affecting my stamina. 

And by 9th February 2011, we are blessed with the arrival of Ellecia Paranditya Wibowo.

My little daughter, i was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Pregnancy was smooth and delivery was as planned ( i had an elective c-sectio). God has been kind to me and Ior, we are blessed with two beautiful healthy children. May we are blessed with wisdom, patience, knowledge and endless love to build a strong happy family. So our children may thrive to be individuals which God approves. I'll share more in special postings about children and motherhood.

And nothing feels more fullfilling than seeing these babies


Casa Rosa

There's nothing like home, your own home. We moved to Casa Rosa, in October 2011. Amidst i was about 20something weeks pregnant  and my project was about to Go Live. We managed to move in without much hassle. We bought our furniture months before and arranged to be delivered all together in 1 day. Thank God, we need not renovate the house, only refresh the wall paints. I'll write more later about our house hunting, furniture hunting and settling in

And life goes on beautifully....i have my ups and downs still....but God is with me, with us all the way.....

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