Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Papi

Dearest Papi,

Today you would be 61, and for sure you would be having a blast back home with your friends over good food and coffee.

I pray you are happy up there Pi, it's so different down here without you. I miss your naughty smses, chatting with you and miss your jokes. When we'll be reaching Jakarta, you'll not be there to pick us up at CGK airport as usual.

This year would be my first Christmas as a mother, also my first without a father. A new nuance of atmosphere, my Decembers will not be the same anymore.

Happy Birthday Papi.....

Nothing compares to you...till we meet again in heaven.

You're always in my hearts and thoughts.


Jessica said...

hiks.. cicii.. aku jd sedihhhhh T.T
tp cici kudu bahagia juga, si om dsana uda ama Bapa kita.. kita semua toh akan kesana.. hanya beda2 wktnya ajaa.. cuma si om lbh cepet aja, krn Bapa kita uda ga sabar ktm ama si om ;)

yulidarmawan said...


makasih ya neng :)
Cici happy kok, tau papi sudah di surga bersama Tuhan Yesus. :)

Cuma lagi mengenang di saat hari ulang tahunnya, yg kebetulan bulan desember, deket2an ama Natal. jadi agak berasa gimanaaaa aja gituuh :)

thank you for caring my dear GBU

Yanti said...

Terharu :)

GiZell said...

Sedih ... jadi inget orang-orang yang tersayang di Indo..