Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everytime we say goodbye

Oh, Every time we say goodbye I die a little
Every time we say goodbye I wonder why a little
Why the gods above me who must be in the know
Think so little of me ,They allow you to go

And when you're near ,There's such an air of spring about it
I can hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it ,There's no love song finer
But how strange the change from major to minor
Every time we say goodbye

I see the above image every weekday morning from our window, usually around 8.15 am. Ior and Toby starting out their day. And i can't help to feel 'sad' a little, seeing my little boy off to his 'second home' so early in the morning. As i have started work, we have to succumb to the option of sending Toby to full day school cum childcare. Whilst, Elsy is at home with our housekeeper cum nanny.

Never a day goes by without me feeling guilty about having to trust my children' s care to other people when i have to go to work. No, i am not going to rant why can't i quit my job and be a SAHM. Because we do have our reasons and considerations, and i am trying to be 'at peace' about it.

As consolation, Toby does becoming more independent, and his vocabulary is improving. Elsy is growing fine as well. Lord always keep and care for our children, we are equipped with good helper (though can be better at some things, well its very difficult to find a good one. It's like looking for a husband/wife hahaah).

Speaking of husband, i am blessed with a hands-on husband-father. Ior has been fantastic with our children, he bathes, he feeds, he plays, he sings, he tucks our babies, he does grocery, he bought me cranberry juice (so as to increase milk supply). He's not a man with many words, but i know he loves us through all things he's done. I love you my Kriwil.....

It's been a while since we are praying to God for a job that is flexible for me. Flexible in terms, i can work from home, flexible working hours. So that i can have more time with my children in their early golden years. However, till i write this note , i am still under payroll of my employer. When i think about the 'wants' i am asking God, actually i do have the 'benefit' of what i have been asking for in my present employer. I was a bit down, why is it so difficult for me to land a new job. Usually, either because of my notice period( i have to submit 2 months notice), they can't afford me, or my zero travelling tolerance.

Anyway, i have so much to be grateful for. Our Lord in heaven never abandons and we lives comfortably. May i always be reminded how blissful i am.

Still, i can't help not to feel 'die' a little when i see Toby's going to school and left Elsy at home when i off to work.

My darling pumpkin and munchkin, mommy loves you very much......

Thursday, May 12, 2011

and life goes on

It's nearing mid year 2011, and my last post was in 2009.  So what happened in 2010?

Well, Kriwil and Pumpkin continues to be my center of gravity, was busy with project at work which was quite a tough one. And i was expecting our no 2!! Most of 2010, i was more occupied on the work front , also we moved to our own house in October 2010.

Baby no 2       


We were happy to be expecting again with no 2, and the little one will be 25 months apart from Toby. Pregnancy no 2 was quite smooth, i did not encounter morning sickness or any other complications. Only, i was easily tired, i guess the age factor does affecting my stamina. 

And by 9th February 2011, we are blessed with the arrival of Ellecia Paranditya Wibowo.

My little daughter, i was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Pregnancy was smooth and delivery was as planned ( i had an elective c-sectio). God has been kind to me and Ior, we are blessed with two beautiful healthy children. May we are blessed with wisdom, patience, knowledge and endless love to build a strong happy family. So our children may thrive to be individuals which God approves. I'll share more in special postings about children and motherhood.

And nothing feels more fullfilling than seeing these babies


Casa Rosa

There's nothing like home, your own home. We moved to Casa Rosa, in October 2011. Amidst i was about 20something weeks pregnant  and my project was about to Go Live. We managed to move in without much hassle. We bought our furniture months before and arranged to be delivered all together in 1 day. Thank God, we need not renovate the house, only refresh the wall paints. I'll write more later about our house hunting, furniture hunting and settling in

And life goes on beautifully....i have my ups and downs still....but God is with me, with us all the way.....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Papi

Dearest Papi,

Today you would be 61, and for sure you would be having a blast back home with your friends over good food and coffee.

I pray you are happy up there Pi, it's so different down here without you. I miss your naughty smses, chatting with you and miss your jokes. When we'll be reaching Jakarta, you'll not be there to pick us up at CGK airport as usual.

This year would be my first Christmas as a mother, also my first without a father. A new nuance of atmosphere, my Decembers will not be the same anymore.

Happy Birthday Papi.....

Nothing compares to you...till we meet again in heaven.

You're always in my hearts and thoughts.

Monday, November 30, 2009

my world is Toby (and Kriwil of course, ilopu)

Lama banget gak ngeblog, biasa deh, waktu2 senggang gue selepas kerja, selepas merah asi, selepas ngurus2 rumah tangga, is Toby's. Plus, bapaknya Toby, sudah mewakili bercerita mengenai pertumbuhan dan keseharian Toby. heheh jadi malu akyu, kok malah Kriwil yang lebih rajin yak...biasanya kan, kalo tipikal ibu2 ngeblog, yang bercerita detil adalah ibunya :">

Anyway, Toby sudah 10.5 bulan sekarang, foto2 dan video update perkembangan bisa di liat di SINI. Toby sudah punya 8 gigi, berat sekitar 9.5 kg (gak tau persis, karena blum ke dokter lagi untuk imunisasi, Puji Tuhan, gak perlu ke dokter jg untuk gangguan kesehatan, tetap sehat selalu ya Nak). Tinggi skitar 72 ato 73 cm, agak susah jg ngukur dia, karena Toby pasti gerak sana sini mau jungkir balik. Sudah bisa berdiri sendiri, dan jongkok naik turun, merangkak cepet banget, sekarang lagi ngerembet2 tempat tidur untuk jalan. Yang terutama buat gue berbahagia banget jadi ibu, manjanya si Toby sama gue. Kalau gue di sekitar, pasti dia maunya sama gue, sampai harus gue bawa ke toilet, kebelet pipis, tapi kalo ditaruh ato dipegang orang lain teriak2 nangis dan tampang panik hihih.

Walaupun hati gue menjerit (taelaaaa), andaikan gue tetap bisa kerja dan at the same time be there full time with Toby. Ya wishful thinking, but i am working toward that arrangement.
My Wish for 2010, (hopefully realized in first quarter 2010, ya realistis aja siyh hihih, kalo 1 januari 2010 kayanya blum bisa) gue bisa kerja dari rumah,ke kantor mungkin 1-2 hari seminggu or as needed untuk meeting penting. NGAREPDOTCOM banget yak :D :P. Yah agak syulit sih, but gue pikir hal ini bisa dilakukan. Dimana gue tetep eksis di dunia kerjaan gue, walaupun dengan konsekuensi role dan possibly income yang less dari sekarang (but please dont ...paling gak teteeep hihihih). Anyone, ada yang bisa refer gue untuk arrangement work from home ini di singapore kah??? japri me please :)

Beberapa bulan terakhir ini , dengan berbagai peran yang dijalankan sebagai istri, ibu, anak, menantu, sahabat, teman, rekan kerja. Gue lebih banyak terpapar dan belajar untuk lebih menata hati, menata tutur dan tingkah laku, menata emosi, bijak dan kepala dingin menghadapi berbagai situasi yang tidak ideal. Keep the faith, because God will show us the way, and God will reveal what is the truth and what's best for us in HIS Time.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, dapet artikel di milis mengenai approach 10-10-10. Saat kita dihadapi dengan situasi yang sulit, coba kita pertimbangkan impact/efek yang terjadi dalam waktu 10 hari ke depan, 10 bulan ke depan, 10 tahun ke depan untuk setiap action/keputusan yang kita buat. So, hopefully kita bisa buat keputusan/pilihan yang tepat. Not bad nih approach, ya gue coba terapkan ke dalam keseharian gue jg.

Anyway, gue ngantuk....tadi jam 11 sih dah tarik selimut, tapi gak bisa tidur.
2 minggu ini, nyokap gue berkunjung ke Singapore, senang beliau datang, kangen masakan beliau, dan bersih2nya, walau kadang suka irritating jg sih hihihi, ya that's her way to show her love and care. Mami jg bisa spend time sama Toby, terakhir waktu kami ke indonesia pertengahan tahun ini gak banyak waktu main dengan Toby, karena bokap gue almarhum belum lama berpulang and she went through a lot. And gue cukup lega dan happy, saat ini Mami mampu menjalani hari2nya dengan lebih ceria dan positif. Walau, kadang kuatir karena beliau tinggal sendirian.

Despite my up and down relationship with her, now as i try to be more patience and put myself in her position, i can started to comprehend and understand what she did/went through (although banyak jg yang blum dipahami siyh hehe).
Tokh, bukan untuk dipahami, tapi untuk diterima. Acceptance leads to peace and happiness, while expectation (too much of it, does not mean cannot expect) reduces happiness. Dah dulu ya, udah hampir jam 2, dan dalam 4-5 jam ke depan, anakku tersayang bakalan udah berdiri di cotnya, di samping bantal gue.....:)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

catch up version

Banyak alasan untuk pembenaran malesnya gue ngupdate cerita di blog (multiply/blogspot) heheheh. Life at work sudah mulai back to full speed, sekarang gue lagi involved di proyek implementasi baru nun jauh di pinggiran singapur menjelang johor bahru. Beruntung, kantor gue kasi jatah taksi 60 sgd per hari, dah mencukupi, kalo gak sih, kudu naek bis dan mrt, yang mana diestimasi skitar 90 menit perjalanan. Aduh gubrak deh, naik taksi kalo pagi sktiar 20-25 menit (ukuran Jakarta mah deket banget ya hiehiehieh), untuk ukuran singapur ini jauh aje, karena lewat highway, exit di KM 40. FYI, Singapore dari ujung ke ujung cuma 40 something km heheeh. Beruntung jg, gue tinggal di tengah2 Singapur, jadi gak terlalu berasa banget. Domestic life juga full speed, secara gue ngantor kalau di rumah sudah pasti our world gravitates to Toby. Gak sabar pengen cepet sampai rumah atau weekend, supaya bisa main sama little pumpkin.

Anyway, talking about the jewel of my life, my little pumpkin Toby. Bulan ini, sudah 8 bulan umurnya. Gak kerasa, bayi tumbuh begitu cepatnya loh. Tau2, dia sudah punya 4 gigi, mulai bawel babbling bllblbwaallalalalvwalalal, bentar lagi akan merangkak dan sekarang gue yang bergelut mencoba mengenalkan berbagai makanan ke Toby melalui MPASInya.

Foto di bawah ini, diambil waktu Toby pas 7 bulan, 14 Agustus yang lalu.
Cerita detilnya bisa dibaca di SINI.

Babenya, emang selalu lebih sigap ngupdate cerita. hehehee jadi malu

14 September yang lalu, pas 8 bulan, foto di samping kanan ini. Baby Toby makin lucu ajah, sering gemes sendiri, dan ekspresinya itu loh gak kuku... Kriwil cerita kumplit di SINI

Harap maklum pembaca, namanya juga emaknya. Jadi kalau rada2 narsistik ya...harap dimengerti kikikikik.

Btw, emang muka si toby rada2 membingungkan ya? Gue sering banget ditanyain ama orang , 'baby boy? girl?" emang cakep sih anak gue aahhah......mungkin karena bulu matanya yang panjang banget. Jadi diassume, kalau Toby cewek pa? Ada kejadian lucu, hari minggu kemarin kami ikutan outing komisi Maria Marta GPO ke Sentosa. Panasnya aujubileh gak usah diceritain deh ya, sudah loud and clear tokh hihihih. Nah pas gue lagi ganti pampersnya Toby di bench di bawah rindangan pohon, sebelah gue ada ibu anggota KMM. Nah, ya namanya ganti pampers, buka dong, porno aksi is not applicable untuk manusia yang belum bisa jalan dan ngomong tokh heiheiheihe. Eh si Ibu itu celetuk ' eeeh ada burungnyaaa, cowok tokh, kirain cewek"
Laaahh, bujugbuneeh....gubraaakk....hahaha well, kami beruntung dan bersyukur banget dititipin Toby sama Tuhan. Semoga kami mampu untuk terus menjadi orang tua yang baik ya.

Anyway, kelewatan jg deh momen gue sampe umur 32 :D . Tahun kedua ngerayain ultah di singapur, sama orang2 terdekat di rumah aja. Belon dapet kado ultah nih, darleeengg...dirapel ama kado natal jg gapapa kok. Aku beliin kamu dompet baru aja buat ultahmu yang dah lewat jg gimana? Kan dompetmu kemaren kerendem :D

Sudah ah, have to go back to work nih, mau bikin spec, nyicil sebelum numpuk. Jg mau pulcep, menghindari macet. Yes, ada macet di singapur, gak kalah ama Jakarta louh.

till then.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my 6 month old baby

Toby baby sudah 6 bulan tepat kemarin 14 July 2009.

Tak terasa waktu berlalu, jelas kami sangat terberkati dengan hadirnya Toby.

Norak nih, tapi bangun tidur ataupun pulang dari kantor dan dihadiahi senyuman Toby yang sumringah. Sumber energi untuk beraktifitas dan pelepas lelah yang istimewa.

Sementara 1.5 bulan terakhir ini gue sibuk berat di kantor, Thank God my dear mother in law ada bersama kami untuk merawat Toby. Gue lebih tenang meninggalkan Toby di rumah, walau tiap hari sih pengen ngantongin Toby dan bawa ke kantor heheheh.

Anyway, Kriwil sudah bercerita lebih lengkap disini. Dan foto2 toby bisa diintip disini.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kejar Setoran

Gile udah lama banget gak ngupdate playground2 di dunia maya gue nih.
Seperti biasa, kesibukan kerjaan di kantor...gak niat deh cerita2 soal kerjaan di blog hehe

Anyway, let's talk happy stuff ajah. Toby tentunya, sudah beberapa milestone terlewatkan nih.

1. Toby pertama kali berenang
Babenya sudah bercerita di sini . Foto2 ada di sini
Thank God for best friends, memanfaatkan fasilitas di rumah Tante Grace, Toby jadi menikmati renang pertamanya. mwaaah2 neek...what would i do without you

2. Toby jadi kuncung
Nah, dah gitu, memangkita rencana untuk rapiin rambut Toby, soalnya banyak yang rada pitak2. Musim gugur deh di Toa Payoh, rambut gue berguguran yang konon hal biasa yang terjadi setelah melahirkan. Toby jg agak2 rontok rambutnya, so ya kita mau bablas deh...jadi botakin aja, Tapi Kriwil sisain kuncung di bagian depan, tapi Toby tetep cuakeep deh....narsis ye..gak objektif
cerita lebih banyak by Kriwil disini dan foto2 disini

3. Toby 5 bulan
14 Juni 2009, tak terasa our pumpkin sudah 5 bulan. Hidup kami jadi lebih berwarna, kepribadian Toby mulai keluar dan tingkah polahnya semakin bervariasi. We are truly blessed.

cerita babenya ada disini
dan foto2 di

4. Toby is Tobiho
2 minggu berlalu Toby berkuncung ria, kemana2 jadi perhatian orang2 deh. Pas ke TMC buat imunisasi, kami kan harus dicek temperatur dulu tuh sebelum bisa masuk. Precaution measures for the H1N1 Flu. Suster yang bertugas di pintu masuk bertanya ' Is his hair made like that? or is that his original hair?' hahahahah. Karena rambut baru Toby yang tumbuh jg belum rata di seluruh bagian kepalanya, ya harus diplontos lagi biar tumbuh dengan rata. Kali ini, Kuncungnya dibabat habis jg hihi.

lebih lengkap cerita di dan